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Training focus
  • Attention selectivity
  • Attention span
  • Executive functions
  • Speed
Principles of the training
  • The game trains the attention distribution and attention selectivity. Continuous control of the accuracy of responses trains executive functions. Working in a time limit improves the response speed.
  • Sneaky colors show how easily we can get distracted by our automatic reactions and habits. The game is based on the discrepancy between two pieces of visual information (perceptions). The first one is the text, the other one is the color. Both reach the brain at the same time, but the processing time varies. The brain first processes text information.
  • The game integrates the so-called Stroop test principle, which is one of the basic psychodiagnostic tools. It detects the level of executive functions, the ability to handle conflicts and the degree of attention.
How to play this game

The game has three levels of difficulty. At the easiest level (only one tin), the player must determine if the color of the text corresponds to the meaning of the text.

At the second level (2 tins), the player’s task is to decide if the color of the text on the right tin corresponds to the meaning of the text on the left tin, see the picture for explanation:

"žlutá" modře, "oranžová" žlutě, správně

On the left tin, the word “yellow” is written while the text on the right tin is of yellow color. The correct solution is YES.

"žlutá" modře, "oranžová" červeně, špatně

The word on the right tin is not written in yellow color, therefore the correct answer is NO.

In addition to that, at the hardest level (2 tins), every answer has a time limit, thus the player must answer within 2 seconds.

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