VyzkouŇ°ejte si hry Mentem

Training focus
  • Short-term visual memory
  • Attention span
  • Reaction speed
Principles of the training

It is necessary to visually "scan" the whole square and map all marked boxes, which trains the attention span. The player engages short-term visual memory to correctly mark all the color fields. Working in a time limit improves the speed of responses.

How to play this game

Your task is to remember the order of all color patches in the square. After they disappear, mark the positions of the patches in a new square in the exact sequence.

Postupové pole

For each correct position in the right order, you earn points. If you mark all the positions in the correct order, you will receive a bonus at the end of the round.

If you check the patches correctly, but in the wrong order, you will get no points.

In case of two mispositioned patches in one round, the round ends and a new one begins.

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