Vyzkoušejte si hry Mentem

Training focus
  • Spatial orientation
  • Executive functions
  • Attention
Principles of the training

Tetris serves primarily for spatial orientation training. It also develops the players’ ability to manipulate the object in their mind, so as to fit the existing scheme. The executive functions are trained through planning the moves and gradually filling up the space. The game also trains attention - pieces are falling faster and faster.

And just for interest's sake - British scientists have presented Tetris as a game reducing the negative symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

How to play this game

The task is to rotate falling pieces in such a manner that when they reach the bottom row, there are no spaces between them. Each object can be moved to the right or left and rotated using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

After completing a full row of cubes, the row disappears and makes room for further filling. For each disappeared line the player gets positive points. The task is to play until the end of the time limit.

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