Privacy Policy

In the following text, we will provide you with comprehensive information regarding the processing of personal information by your company Mentem – brain training, z.s.

The information relates to the way the personal information is handled on the basis of your consent or the legal basis for the handling of personal information.

1) Who will be processing your personal information?

Your personal information will be processed by Mentem – brain training, z.s., company registration number: 03514161, based in Brno-město, Šimáčkova 137, 628 00.

What information/personal data are we processing regarding our clients?

The information that we’re processing based on the consent given to us or the legal basis for the handling of personal information include:

2) From which sources do we receive personal information?

Personal information is received from the clients during registration on our platform.

3) For what purposes do we process personal information of our clients?

Contact information of our clients is processed mainly for the purpose of fulfilling contracts.

We also use the contact information of our clients for the purpose of business communication regarding our own services only. These services are linked to those that we’ve already provided to the client. This contact information can also be used for this reason in case the addressee hasn’t object to this usage of his information.

Everyone has the right to reject the free business messages sent from

We would also like to further emphasize that not every message received from us is a business message. On the basis of providing said services, it is sometimes required that we contact a client and when there’s a large number of addressees, we have to opt for sending a mass e-mail. As a part of this communication, some of the messages we send are not commercial messages (e.g. notice of a change in the Terms).

4) How are we processing your personal information?

Mentem – brain training, z.s. is authorized to process personal data both manually and in an automated manner and it is also authorized to do this via designated processors. Personal information is/will be available only to designated employees and the management of Mentem – brain training, z.s. or the authorized employees of the processor and only to the extent necessary for the processing purposes. The current list of our processors can be found HERE.

5) External advertisement systems

Our website uses retargeting technologies from Sklik, a service operated by, a.s. This allows us to show advertisements advertising our services in the, a.s. network to users that already showed interest in our services.

We are also using the Google AdWords advertisement system from Google. Thanks to this online system, it is possible to show advertisers in paid browser results.

6) Cookies

Our website utilises cookies. The website also utilizes Google Analytics and possibly even other services provided by Google, Inc. (henceforth referred to as “Google”), Facebook Inc. or Automattic, Inc. (henceforth referred to together as “other companies”). Cookies are also used during the usage of these services.

What are cookies and how do you consent to their usage?

Cookies are text files that are used to track traffic on, to customize your site view and to target ads. These files are sent directly from the website into your browser and will give us information regarding your visits and the device that you’re using.

By ticking the consent box on the web interface, you consent to the usage of cookies as well as to the processing of your information by Google, other companies and our company in the manner and for the purposes listed below.

What cookies are we using and for what purposes are we using them?

Our website is using relational (temporary) cookies that are automatically deleted after the web interface is finished. It also uses permanent cookies that remain on your device until their expiration date or until you delete them.

Cookies that are used by the website are either first party cookies or third parties’ cookies.

Specific types of cookies that are used and their purpose:

Can you prevent cookies from being saved on your computer?

You can block the usage of cookies by selecting the right option in your browser settings.

Beware, if you reject the usage of cookies, some of the functions of the website might not work properly.

7) For how long are we keeping your personal information?

Personal information is processed for the length of the contractual relationship with our client, until all legal bases for the processing of personal data have passed, or until the consent is withdrawn by the client. After we are no longer legally allowed to keep your personal information, your personal information will be deleted or processed only in the extend and for the purposes for which your consent is not required by law.

8) How are we protecting your personal information?

Mentem – brain training, z.s. is taking all available technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of your personal information in the manner specified in the Law or in any other legally binding regulations and to exclude the possibility of an unauthorized or accidental access to personal information, alteration, destruction or loss of personal information, unauthorized transmissions or any other unauthorized processing of personal information or any other misuse of personal information. This obligation applies even after the processing of personal information has been concluded.

Personal information is always protected, both electronically and physically. We have applied the most modern security and control mechanisms that are ensuring maximum data protection. We are using the following security features to protect your personal information:

Upon request, Mentem - brain training, z.s. is required to provide your personal information to state authorities (such as the Police, state authorities carrying out checks, if necessary, etc.).

9) What are your legal rights in the processing of your personal information?

The right to access to personal information

The subject has the right to obtain a confirmation from the administrator that the personal information concerning him/her is or isn’t being processed. If personal information is being processed, the subject has the right to access this personal information. Upon request, we provide our users all of the information regarding the processing of their personal information, where we act as the administrator of personal information (you can send a request to this email address:

The right to correction

If the subject finds out that their personal information is inaccurate or wrong, they have a right to have this information corrected immediately.

The right to deletion („the right to be forgotten“)

If the personal information is processed for any purpose and it is no longer necessary for the purpose and our archival period is over, we are automatically deleting your personal information. If your personal information is collected on the basis of consent and the data subject decides to withdraw the consent, we will delete the subject’s personal information. Here we have to mention that we will delete all of the information that we’re keeping as an administrator. We also have to mention that the right to deletion isn’t absolute and if we have an objective obligation to keep the information (e.g. bookkeeping), the information that is no longer necessary will get deleted.

Right to limitation of processing

The data subjects have the right to limit the processing of their personal information (a request can be sent to e-mail if: i) the data subject denies the accuracy of the personal data for the time necessary for the administrator to verify the information; or II) the processing is against the law and the subject rejects the deletion of personal information, but is requesting the limitation of processing of the information instead; or III) the administrator no longer needs the subject’s information for the purposes of processing, but the subject is requesting the data to identify, exercise or defend legal claims; or IV) the subject of the information has opposed the processing, until it is ascertained whether or not the legitimate reasons of the administrator outweigh the legitimate reasons of the data subject.

The right to object

If the data subject discovers or believe that Mentem – brain training, z.s. is processing their personal information contrary to the privacy of the subject, or contrary to law, especially if the information is inaccurate with regard to the purpose of its processing, they may ask Mentem – brain training, z.s. for an explanation or require Mentem – brain training, z.s. to remove the situation that arose, in particular, the subject may require Mentem – brain training z.s. to block, fix, add or delete personal information.

If Mentem – brain training, z.s. doesn’t comply with the request, the subject has the right to contract the Office for Personal Data Protection.

10) How can you contact us?

If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal information, you can contact us by mail, by email or by phone through the contact details below.


These guidelines enter into effect on the 25th of May, 2018 and are available online at Mentem – brain training, z.s. is entitled to change this policy, if necessary, in the manner agreed upon.