Klara Hlouskova, dental technician
Playing Mentem has improved my vocabulary and helped me with logical thinking. This kind of training is awesome during maternity leave.
Dagmar Vadurova, Head of Bedrich Benes Buchlovan Library
Mentem has been very successful at our library. Once, we even tried group memory training. All the readers loved it.
Slevomat Customer
Meaningful games for older folks at last.
Mgr. Lenka Krajcikova

Mentem is a unique project designed for everyone, regardless of their age.

Not only are the interactive games in the Mentem project fun, their main task is to practice cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and spatial orientation, which we use every day. Through practice, not only does our performance improve, but we also prevent decline in these functions as we age.

By using our games to train your memory or attention, you actively contribute to maintaining your cognitive capacity at a good level.

Mgr. Lubos Brabenec

Research shows that the brain is a plastic organ and is hugely influenced by how we use it. We can train our memory, attention, and thinking through such means as different games and exercises. I think awareness of brain training is growing in our country, yet many people still approach training from only one side. By solving crosswords and Sudoku, we practice only a very small part of our abilities. That's why I’m a fan of comprehensive training programs like Mentem. The games offered by Mentem cover a range of cognitive functions. In addition to their diversity, what I personally like about these games is that they are easy for different age groups to use. I also appreciate about the Mentem project the fact that in addition to games and exercises it is also focused on the popularization of knowledge from psychology and neuroscience.

PhDr. Petr Nilius

The Mentem portal is a nice, fun, and useful tool for people who experience difficulties with memory, concentration, and sustained attention. Not only is the portal suitable for “healthy” people, but its content, training, and motivation system is a good complement to non-pharmacological treatment for patients suffering from cognitive difficulties due to head trauma, an ischaemic stroke, or any other reason. I like to recommend it to children and adults who are living with lifelong attention disorders (such as ADHD) or specific learning disabilities or who are looking for a way to practice “diminished and scarred” brain functions in both their active and retirement ages.

Games offer the opportunity to systematically and regularly “rehabilitate” (try to recover function) with individualized training. This effort may, over time, be reflected in an improved ability to maintain concentrated attention on (at least) one stimulus, more flexible thinking, improved effectiveness at recalling and providing information, and a generally “more organized” and systematic approach to life.

Last but not least, Mentem is a provoking and useful application that helps through games with a lot of information about brain functioning.

Mgr. Tereza Prochazkova

Mentem’s brain games are a unique project in the Czech Republic. Regular training does not become monotonous because there are many games (and their number is constantly increasing). Comparisons with other players promotes healthy competition. Although players do not know each other, there is a sense of belonging. Mentem’s great advantage is the possibility to train those individual brain functions for which a player feels the greatest need. I appreciate the sophisticated interpretation of each game that explains the training’s focus and principles. As a result, players are better focused on the processes that are taking place in the brain, whether they are laymen, experts, children, or seniors.